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Electronic Bakhoor Burner

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Tired of lighting coal every time you want to use your favourite bakhoor?

Our rechargeable Bakhoor burner is the ideal solution for you.  Place a very small amount of bakhoor in the device and press the button to burn your bakhoor no matter where you are.

Easy to move around the house, you can even use your portable bakhoor burner to make your car smell great.

As you only need to use a very small amount of bakhoor in your device, you will notice the cost savings immediately as your bakhoor will last a lot longer than using it in a traditional burner as you won't have to use anywhere near as much.  You also won't have to keep buying the charcoal that you would need to burn bakhoor using the traditional method. 

Start burning your bakhoor the modern way and enjoy the portability, ease and the cost savings that come with it.