Qur’an Match Game
Qur’an Match Game
Qur’an Match Game
Qur’an Match Game

Qur'an Match Game

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Be the first to collect, animals, foods and objects from the Qur’an in this fun matching and memory game. 

Children will learn through play and become familiar with animals,

foods and objects mentioned in the Qur’an and the surahs they are found in.


  • Develop matching & memory skills

  • Promotes discussion

  • Encourages observational skills

  • Teaches Quranic animals, objects and foods with surah names

Age 3-9
2-4 players


Every parent wants to connect their young child with the Qur’an. 

Qur’an Match introduces a series of familiar animals, objects, and foods from the Qur’an through play, so children relate to Quranic content early on, inspiring a curiosity around the holy text and positively impacting their future relationship with the words of Allah.

It took one year to develop, with prototypes tested on children, which helped us to improve the game based on their experience and needs. 

Two things we learnt during play with kids was:

  1. Children as young as 4 learnt very quickly which animals, foods and objects were mentioned in which Surah.

  2. Children favoured Qur'an Match over games on their devices

This matching and memory game teaches Quranic animals, objects and foods with surah names.

Play the game according to your reading ability. Readers can use the side of the Quran card with the surah names, to further consolidate their learning, and younger players can use the pictures side to match their tiles. 

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